Computer Recycling

Electronic Equipment Recycling

Recycle IT are licensed to recycle computers, monitors, servers, laptops, tablets and other electronic equipment at our recycling facility in Dublin. We work with individuals and organisations to provide a safe and authorized drop off and collection service.



Increased Recycling Awareness

Computers support every part of our world with 261 million sold in 2019 alone. Each computer is made up of many electronic components containing chemicals and metals which can be harmful to the environment.  The British Metals Recycling Association calculates that recycling metals compared with using virgin ores, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95% for aluminium, 85% for copper and 74% for iron and steel. These figures help confirm the positive environmental and economic impact from recycling computer from business, schools, colleges, charities and households.


Computer Recycling Service

Electronic equipment which is obsolete and past it’s reuse date can be dropped off for safe recycling with Recycle IT. This include TVs (all sizes), laptops or notebooks, tablets, desktop computers, printers, scanners, flat panel monitors, and servers. Commercial IT equipment including multifunction printers and photocopiers are accepted for recycling but may incur a recycling cost.  Please call 01 4578321 to learn more.

Recycle IT can offer your business a cost effective electrical and electronic recycling service including cost effective collection once you have an idea of the number of computers and related items you need to recycle.  To learn more call us or request a collection here.  Remember, We Recycle IT!

Note: Please make sure to remove all personal information from computer hard drives and other storage devices before recycling. Recycle IT can assist in destroying hard disk drives if required.