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Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative
Unit 14/2 Crag Terrace
Clondalkin Industrial Estate
Clondalkin Dublin 22

Telephone: 01 4578321
Fax.: 01 4577368
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FREE WEEE Door-to-Door Collection Service

CCRI is the only Community Recycling Initiative providing a unique kerbside collection service for all household waste electrical and electronic equipment. Since March 2007 we have provided this service to approx. 28 thousand households in the SDCC area collecting approx. 250 tonnes of WEEE. This service has been provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland and with the cooperation of SDCC. It has benefited the householders especially those that need assistance. It has benefited the industry by capturing historical WEEE that had avoided other take-back schemes. It has benefited SDCC by offering householders an opportunity to recycle and by bringing awareness to the fact that the SDCC area has this local recycling facility.

How does this FREE Collection of your old appliances work?

Residents are given prior notice by information leaflet delivered by hand in advance of the collection which clearly states the date and the type of item to be left on the kerbside, i.e. Anything with a plug or a battery.
On collection day the operatives (clearly identifiable with marked jackets and photo id) collect the WEEE items, return them to our facility where they are weighed, recorded and sorted for further processing.
Whilst CCRI presently decides the residential estates to be targeted, we can on request from WEEE Ireland, the SDCC or locally established residents/environment groups arrange for WEEE to be collected from a particular estate.

One-off Collection Service

This service is provided to all households but more often where there is difficulty accessing the other Civic Amenity Sites. This may be where there is no access to a car/van or where the householder has an infirmity and are therefore unable to lift appliances. This is a very successful service. Currently, there is a small charge for this service starting at €15 depending on your location.

Business Collection Service

Price and conditions available on request.

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